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All Guilds Meeting - June 2014

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We're into summer now, but that's not slowing down activity in the cavern and beyond!  This month's All Guilds Meeting had its share of news, which we've recorded in our usual raw and cleansed well as the accompanying summary!

Here's the latest:

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant started things off with news of the next Heritage Night.  HN VI will take place on Saturday, June 28th at 13:00 KI Time in the Heritage Night's hood.  The topic of discussion will be memorable threads/discussions from the MOUL forums from the Gametap and current eras.  He will also discuss an upcoming production of a live play in-game detailing various events from Gametap's MOUL (circa 2007) and will be looking for various actors to fill roles in a script he is writing.


Max was up next to talk about a few things.  He has submitted some articles to The Cavern Post, which will be released very soon (barring editor laziness!).  Also, he is working on a board game project called "Leafs [sic] in the Myst", for which he has called upon interested explorers for help in developing the game.

Mister Magic

MM took the stage to update explorers about The Fabulous Magical Treasure, a series of marker scavenger hunts using clues to determine where to find the goal.  Part 6, entitled "The Wonders of Ti'ana", will be available June 20th and can be accessed by PMing Magic Treasure at KI # 23433946 and saying "Start Quest" (no quotes).

He went on to mention that the next magic meeting will be held on Friday, June 13th at 13:00 KI Time.  It will feature a new laser show created by Yodawave in the Magic Great Tree Pub.  PM Magicbot starting at 12:45 to join the festivities.

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe went next to reiterate their interest in any game reviews explorers would like to write to introduce others to games they've enjoyed besides those Myst/URU related.  While requirements are a bit loose, each article will be judged on a case by case basis to see if it is suitable enough for the more family-friendly audience, although it's not a requirement that a game be only that.

Guild of Writers

Having just completed a deployment of Gehn 20, Hoikas went next to talk a bit more about the GoW's new update.  Along with a slew of fancy fixes (see aforementioned article), it also includes the shard's fourth addition of fan content!  Doobes, creator of this new Pub, joined him to mention that there will be a party there next week and everyone is invited!

To download the new update, simply run Gehn Shard as usual and let it download.  To install, see the shard's official page at the GoW here.

Shokhootahn Rehn

Shokhootahn Rehn finished the meeting by mentioning that the D'ni Language 101 classes are wrapping up by the end of this month.  They will start again on July 7th.  Classes are at 09:00 KI time and 23:00 KI time on Mondays.  D'ni 201 will begin on July 15th at the same KI times.

There has also been a slight change to Saturday's Story Night.  The evening will start with battlebotboy's reading of The Book of Atrus, followed by r'Tay's story of the events surrounding the Fall of D'ni.


The CAVCON meter for May finished out at 2.4 (not good!).  Keep those donations coming in and keep the cavern open and thriving!

Until July, have fun out there!

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